This might sound silly, especially if you’re not a bag person and try not to carry one at all. But actually, sporting two handbags at once can be practical, and more and more of my clients are doing it. Carrying two bags is an especially good idea for women who need to carry extra stuff to and from work.

Some need to carry a laptop, iPad, papers, earphones, books, snacks, lunch, some toiletries, eyewear, and a water bottle to work. These items do well packed into a polished tote or larger satchel. Then there’s smaller necessities like keys, phone, wallet, tissues, and lip balm that we grab many times a day. We could pack them into the tote or large satchel, but things can get lost, squashed and cumbersome. Packing them into a smaller bag like a crossbody, mini satchel, flat shoulder bag, or clutch is a more practical solution. That way you have the necessities on hand quickly, and with you all the time. You can leave the large bag at your desk, and take the smaller bag with you when you head out to an appointment, meeting, lunch, or the like.

You have to figure out which combination of large and small bag is comfortable and works for your needs. Some clients carry a small crossbody bag, and a large tote or satchel on a shoulder or clutched by the straps in a hand. A small shoulder bag can work instead of a crossbody when you clutch the handles of the larger bag. A clutch is a good idea if you can pack that into the larger bag. Some totes come with an extra clutch precisely for that purpose.

I wear two bags from time to time and find it very practical. For example, when I’m working the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with clients, I carry a small crossbody bag so that I have my phone and wallet with me at all times. That way clients and sales assistants can get hold of me, and I can take photos when I need to. But I also carry a larger satchel with the rest of my stuff. I leave that in the dressing room and have what I need in the crossbody. In the collection, you’ll see the small crossbody bags that I’ve carried with larger satchels. Visually, it’s important that BOTH handbags match my outfit.

Over to you. Do you ever carry two bags at once?