Here are some boots that have been winners on clients over the last few months. They are casual, comfortable, practical, low-heeled, versatile, and available in neutrals and non-neutrals. They also can fit orthotics if you size up half a size. In some cases the insoles come out giving orthotics extra room. The styles fit a range of foot shapes.

1. Blackstone Shearling Sneaker Boot

This is an interesting sneaker and bootie hybrid. It’s more casual than a boot but dressier than a hi-top sneaker. If you like to have toasty warm feet like I do, try these. The shearling lining is extremely warm and cosy. Truly, boots and hi-tops with fleece and shearling linings can be life-changing in cold weather. I wouldn’t get through Winter without them. These look wonderfully neat and streamlined on the foot, accommodate a range of foot widths, and go the distance. Some of the styles are too wide for my own low-volume feet, but others work just fine with an extra thick insole. Easy side zipper access.

2. Vince Cabria Lace-Up Bootie

It’s very hard to find a relatively dressy, soft, comfortable, and very refined flat bootie in a light colour with a sturdy heel. These in the off-white fit the bill beautifully, and I’m thinking hard about adding them to my wardrobe. They look a lot more casual in the suede, which might be more to your taste. They’re a little wide for my feet, but I can sort out the fit with insoles. They fit a client with wide feet well too. The laces around the ankle create a nice streamlined fit. Easy side zipper access too.

3. Paul Green Booties

Most Paul Green boots amaze me because they fit BOTH a low and high-volume foot. Over and over again I can fit a Paul Green boot well, and so can a client with much wider feet. It’s genius. Usually low-volume feet need to size down half a size, even if you have long toes like I do. All these styles are tried-and-tested winners on my clients and friends.

4. Lemon Ruffle Socks

And last, these wool socks are warm, sleek, lightweight, chic, and adorable. They look more dressy than you expect. They have an architectural ruffle at the top that scrunches over the top of a bootie, which looks interesting and fun. Apparently they stay put if your feet can fill out the volume of the socks.