Bike shorts worn as casual and smart casual wear are a fringe trend. As an extension of the Sporty Luxe and Athleisure trends, it makes sense that the item is having its fashion moment. If leggings can be worn as pants these days, why shouldn’t bike shorts be mainstream. 

Most trendy bike shorts are black, but come in colours and patterns too. They don’t have the padded seat and crotch area like real cycling shorts, but are rather a much shorter version of leggings. Fabric is thick, substantial and opaque.

The idea is not to look like you’re going to the gym or climbing on your road bike when styling them. Wear them with regular casual wear like tees, shirts, blouses, knitwear, hoodies, denim jackets, bombers and casual footwear. Or dress them up with a blazer, top, heels and bling.

The collection below provides examples of the look.

You can go to town styling bike shorts in a fashion forward way, like the outfits here, with a turtleneck, leather blazer, sporty sandals worn with socks, and transparent bag. Or belt a long blazer with a waist-cinching belt and add a pair of booties.

MARC JACOBS Women's Somewhere-Sport-Sandals with Sock

Eloquii Biker Short

I like the bike shorts trend because it looks different and new. I prefer the dressier outfits because of the interesting juxtapositions. If you enjoy showcasing your legs, this is one way to go. Like leggings, bike shorts are easy to fit and you can choose a length. I like them just above the kneecap. I am a yay for this trend on others. That said, I’m a nay for myself because I don’t wear shorts, and I loathe the feeling of body-con spandex clothing on my body.

What do you think of the bike shorts trend? Do you like it, and would you wear it?