You bat for Team Cropped Pants when you prefer to wear pants and jeans cropped to a length that finishes above the ankle or shorter. Rolling or cuffing the hems of bottoms to showcase a bare ankle or shoe counts as cropped bottoms. You bat for Team Full-Length Bottoms when you prefer to wear bottoms that completely cover the ankle.

I like to wear cropped bottoms across all sorts of silhouettes because they are practical in rainy Seattle (no soggy hems). The cropped length showcases fun footwear, looks great with flats (my choice of footwear), and exposes an alluring ankle bone. Cropped bottoms also look seasonally in sync with Spring and Summer.

I like to wear full-length bootcut and bell-bottom jeans and pants at floor skimming lengths with a very low heel or sneakers because the swoosh of the flared fabric on the lower leg is elegant. The silhouette lengthens the leg line, looks traditionally flattering, and can create a fun ‘70s vibe. I also like to wear-full length skinnies and straight legs with ballet flats and loafers in warmer weather.

I have more cropped bottoms than full-length bottoms in my wardrobe at the moment because cropped lengths have been relentless at retail. Full-length bottoms are much harder to find, but I expect them to make a comeback. I enjoy both sets of lengths equally, so I’m sitting this one out on the bench with salmon curry, rice, pickled veg, and lemon fairy cakes with cream cheese icing.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Cropped or Team Full-Length Bottoms? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. Feel free to join me on the bench if you can’t pick a side.