Every so often one of my clients will apologize for liking a look, silhouette or design detail. For example, they’ll say, “I’m sorry, but I actually like puffy sleeves and shoulder pads,” or, “I like ditsy patterns and frills, but I know they aren’t cool.” My reply is always, that’s great! And sometimes I like the said item, detail or vibe too. Perhaps not for my own style, but for the client. I always encourage them to explore the look.

Don’t worry about being perceived as uncool or unstylish because of your personal preferences. Strive to be less affected by what others think. What makes your preferences less fabulous anyway? Because it strays from the golden mean of what is thought of as stylish and attractive? Because outfit bloggers aren’t wearing it? That’s codswallop. If anything, liking something that few others do makes it more special, personal and unique.

There is no one way to be stylish, and aesthetics are extremely subjective. That’s why there is no right and wrong with sartorial choice. Stand up for what you like, and be proud of your sartorial preferences. Wearing a look that you love with confidence, ease, verve and authenticity goes a long way to making it fabulous. THAT is cool.