When a moto jacket is shorter in length and fairly fitted, the proportions work particularly well with dresses and skirts because it adds structure and lengthens the leg line. Remember that moto jackets needn’t be leather, black, or trimmed with lots of hardware. They can be faux leather, Ponte, knitted, woven and lined, any neutral or non-neutral, and quite void of hardware.

These outfits showcase hard-edged black moto jackets with skirts and dresses. If that’s not your thing, substitute the look with YOUR type of moto.

1. Hard-Edged Pastel

I like how the black moto and flat combat boots toughen the soft and pretty pastel midi. Fabulous juxtaposition. The white tee and bag create a nice complement. The bookended black creates a pulled together and cohesive visual. The shorter length of the jacket lengthens the leg line, which makes the length of the midi flattering. Heeled boots or pumps can work, but it’s nice to see a flat option for those who don’t wear heels. Personally, I enjoy black worn with pastels, although it might not be your cup of tea. I like light blue and blush best with black. Feel free to add sheer black hosiery.

MADEWELL Ultimate Textured leather Biker Jacket

2. Hard-Edged Flounce

Combine a black tee with a flouncy skirt and top it off with a moto. There’s a lot of black in this outfit, which creates a cohesive statement, but feel free to create any colour palette. Finish off the look with a style of shoe that works with the proportions of the outfit. I like the sneakers, and the way they complement the body bag. The white accents add a crisp and soft touch.

IRO Ashville Leather Biker Jacket

3. Hard-Edged Ditsy

Combine a solid or patterned prairie dress or two-piece dress with a moto and tall sleek boots. Here, the tall boots are high-heeled, but they can be low-heeled or flat, as long as they’re tailored. Throw in a bag that works with the outfit.

PROENZA SCHOULER Cropped Leather Biker Jacket

4. Hard-Edged Asymmetry

Combine a layering top with an asymmetrical skirt and top it off with a moto. Add tall tailored boots or booties. Heeled sock booties are a great idea. Again, the repetition of the black in the outfit pulls the look together, but you can choose any colour to repeat. Add nude-for-you or black hosiery. Add jewellery, eyewear, watch, scarf and headgear as desired. 

BALENCIAGA Cropped Printed Leather Biker Jacket