The slip dress in all sorts of lengths and patterns is about as ‘90s as it gets, especially if you wear it with black combat boots or white sneakers. It’s a fitted sheath or roomier A-line silhouette with spaghetti straps. The waist can be defined or surrendered. It’s usually made of soft, breezy and dainty warm weather fabric. It can be bias-cut

The slip dress is worn on its own, or with a topper like a jacket, cardigan or vest. Or you can layer a tee or turtleneck underneath the dress for coverage, warmth and interest. The tee or T-neck layer is usually black or white, but you can choose any colour.

The pinafore is a ‘90s look that was borrowed from the ‘70s. My Winter school uniform in the ‘70s was a woolly grey pinafore worn over a white shirt with bobby socks and blazer to match. The pinafore is a dungaree in the form of a dress. The silhouettes are usually A-line. They’re almost always worn with a tee, turtleneck, blouse or shirt layered underneath.

This collection shows a range of slip dresses and pinafores with an underlayer.

I wore pinafores with T-necks in the ‘70s, and midi slip dresses with tees in the early ‘90s. I haven’t worn them since, although I’m open to it in 2019. I particularly like the ‘70s midi pinafore worn with a turtleneck and boots, and could do that for Autumn later in the year. I could do the Summery slip dress with a layer like a very fine gauge ribbed pullover since I don’t wear T-shirts. I’d layer something like Banana Republic’s Fitted Stretch Cotton Crew Neck Sweater under the dress because it looks dressier than a tee made of jersey knit:

I like the coverage and textural interest of the slip dress & tee combination, and its relaxed vibe. I like the ‘70s and dressier version of the pinafore with T-neck. I’m a solid Yay. And you?

Grace Hill Linen Slip Dress