High rises look the most current at the moment, and that’s what I’m highlighting in this outfit formula. Fully tucking or semi-tucking into a high waist is the trendiest way to go, because showcasing the length of the high rise is the point. You can wear a roomy cropped top to showcase most of the high rise if tucking is not your thing. 

Please try to keep an open mind if you’re not a tucker or semi-tucker. You do NOT need to have flat abs and a toned midsection to rock this look. You also don’t need to wear a belt. The high rise on this type of jean is girdling in itself, and supports the midsection more gracefully than you might expect. It’s quite comfortable too. And if that doesn’t convince you, shapewear is an option because it’s a LOT more comfortable these days. You can’t feel the compression, and the visual effect is stellar. Don’t rule it out until you’ve given the look a fair chance.

The tops are best in a fluid fit if you want to conceal the midsection above the waist.

For those who are very short in the waist, you can achieve a similar look with mid-rise jeans, or wearing a roomy cropped top, like I mentioned up top.

The outfit formula is very casual, and in black & white it looks graphic and is easy to pull together. You can make the vibe as hard-edged as you like. You can substitute the black for dark blue, and wear high-rise black pants instead of jeans.

1. Double Denim

Combine a pair of high-rise black skinny jeans with a fluid white tee, sweater or turtleneck, and top it off with a black, grey or blue denim jacket. Tuck or fully tuck the white top to showcase the high rise. Add heels to dress it up, or throw in some white sneakers.

Everlane The Denim Jacket

2. Elegantly Dusted

Combine high-rise black skinnies with a fluid tucked or semi-tucked white top, and throw over a dramatic duster in the same palette. The duster does a marvelous job of camouflaging the outside contour of the body, while drawing attention to the waist. This might be the way you ease into tucking into a high waist. Finish off the look with footwear that works with the outfit.

Eloquii Flocked Dot Skinny Jean

3. Columned & White

Create a column of black with a fluid black tee or top and high-rise black skinnies. A patterned top adds some visual interest. Semi or fully tuck the top. Finish off the look with a white topper and black or white booties.

Hudson Barbara High Waist Skinny Jeans

4. Pretty Windowpane

This is my favourite of the four because it looks the prettiest and dressiest. Combine high-rise black skinnies with a fully or semi-tucked white tee or top. A panel print is a nice touch. Top it off with a black windowpane blazer or regular black blazer. A longer length blazer is the trendiest version at the moment. Finish off the look with casual or smart casual white footwear that picks up the white in the top. Add jewelley, eyewear, headgear and watch as desired.

Paige Transcend Hoxton Ankle Jeans

I bought an unplanned pair of black high-rise skinnies from Madewell as an emergency purchase this Spring, and I love them. I enjoy tucking and semi-tucking into them, and wearing them with dainty white shoes like my flat loafers for Spring. For early Fall, I’m going to wear them with my boots and sneakers, a white belt (maybe), an assortment of white and black tops, and ink blue toppers since I don’t have black. I might throw in a stripe, a very light blue denim jacket, and my light blue bag. Here are the exact items from my wardrobe that create the outfits.