Starting this season, London Fashion Week is going fur-free, which means no animal fur will be used in any official runway show or presentation.

Claudia Li featured an all Asian model cast in showing her Spring 2019 collection. It’s being hailed as a monumental step forward in fashion’s diversity movement.

Vanessa Friedman, The New York Times’ fashion director, talks about what it’s really like to be at the shows.

Yahoo! Lifestyle reports that Queen Elizabeth II’s umbrella styling trick is now a fashion week trend.

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Is there life after skinnies maybe, asks Jenn.

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She also came across this article about hoarding disorder, which can relate to clothing, and lots of other things: “‘Hoarders fear making the wrong decision about what to keep and what to throw out, so they keep everything,’ says Dr Whomsley, who was one of the authors of the British Psychological Society guidelines on hoarding compiled in 2013.’