Sole Society is a footwear, handbag and accessory brand that you can find at a few online retailers and department stores. The prices are fairly affordable (under a hundred dollars for a pair of shoes or handbag). Accessories include scarves, hats, earrings and belts. 

Just over three years ago, I spotlighted Sole Society’s footwear. This time I want to also talk about their bags. Interestingly, though their footwear is leather, their bags are faux leather. The quality of their bags has greatly improved over the last year, giving Canadian faux leather brand Matt & Natt a run for its money at half the price. The Sole Society Speedy Studded Faux Leather Satchel I saw in stores recently is gorgeous. It’s hard to believe it’s faux leather. Bonus: faux leather bags are easy to maintain, weatherproof, and lightweight.

The footwear is fairly classic, although current trends are well represented. The vibe is refined, girly, dressy and elegant. Definitely not a hard-edged, tomboy, sporty, quirky or chunky look. Most of the footwear is suede which makes for a comfortable and soft fit. The quality is decent. There is a large assortment of colour and silhouette. Sizes run from US5 to US12, but only across one width. The pointy-toe styles have fit my low-volume feet in the past, and sizing up can accommodate a higher volume foot.

I’ve had a few pairs of Sole Society ankle strap pumps that were very comfortable back when I wore heels to work and out to dinner. I haven’t tried their flats and boots since I’ve been having great luck with other brands, but Sole Society is on my radar because their items offer value to the customer.

Brand Spotlights are done without the knowledge or collaboration of the brand. Sole Society was not involved in the writing of this post.