Today’s post reminds me that, for the fist time ever, I’ve been thinking about getting a purse. Most other times I’ve bought one, I’ve come across it spontaneously, and added it as an afterthought. The lovely Victoria Nash bag my mom searched for with me a couple years ago is the exception.

Walking and taking public transit around Berlin (have yet to get bikes lined up), I’m carrying the same little Coach crossbody as I did in Tampa. There, I kept reusable shopping bags in the car, drove everywhere, and could leave things from one stop in the car while I did the next. Now, i keep this very lightweight shopper rolled up tightly inside the mini bag.

Every time I buy anything at all—a bottle of something to drink as I go, a tschochke at the flea market for my birthday, a jar of yogurt for the next 3 days breakfast, anything—or pull off my outer layer, or whatever, I end up carrying that bag. It’s huge, and I can’t put it back until I get home to unload it (because I am *not* driving a car, woohoo). I am sick of it (that smile is sheer defeated irritation), and can’t wait for my medium-sized bags to get here. They wouldn’t work for a week’s groceries, but that’s not the way I shop here anyway. So yeah, I’m finding myself oddly (for me) interested in purses.

This isn’t just about being fussy over having to carry a doofy bag. I posted a month ago about wanting a work bag. I need to get one in the very near future. Since that post, I’ve seen a Kate Spade ad for a very cute red backpack that would be just the right size, and could carry papers/a laptop and still have room for whatever I picked up on the way. I don’t know, however, if professional women of a certain age use cute leather backpacks. (If so, I’d want to find one at a lower price than Kate Spade’s newest line).

When my ship comes in and I have these medium-sized bags again, running around the city will be much easier; but I’ll still need to get something slightly larger and professional. Nothing on that boat is the right size or shape for paperwork, and they don’t give off a remotely professional vibe. It wouldn’t kill me to continue pulling this bag out whenever necessary, or I could find something simple to hold me over. It would be amazing though, to find that perfect bag that i could use for work later and quotidian needs now and then.

Comments and suggestions appreciated.

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