I’ve had a messenger bag since the 90s. The same one. It needs to be replaced. Idk if I want to get a new one now, or in our new city after the move. I did a little looking today, and came up dry. These are the best candidates; and my thought on each.

The white bag with weaving has lots of great pockets, and could go with anything from jeans to biz casual or maybe office attire just a step below conservative formal. It’s main drawback is the white. The only way that would work is if I checked it for smudges daily and cleaned them off right away. Hmmmm.

Bag #2 is even better, because it combines black and brown, so is even more versatile than the white one. Alas, the body of this one has a lot of white as well. The pattern would help cover some dirt, but the white is still a danger.

#3 is a classic, the model to go for. Unfortunately, it is all brown, so not very flexible, especially in a city where I expect to wear a lot of black.

I’m undecided on the size of the bag. The first two are big enough for my laptop, but considerably smaller than the third, which itself is smaller than the current messenger bag.

Back in the day, this was a book bag, and I schlepped a lot of books. I still might take a volume or two along, but with the internet, I don’t think anyone carries stacks of books like we used to. My laptop, also, is smaller than the ones I carried BITD—the screen is smaller, and it’s not even a quarter as thick. The messenger bag used to feel perfect, but whenever I’ve carried it recently, it’s felt awkwardly bulky. But could I put an outfit in one of the others for an overnight? I’m undecided.

Ideas, anyone? I could get something here and be set, or use the old one as a “personal item” on the plane, then get a new one there. I’m not sure where prices are better, but it will be sales season where we are going.

ETA: the colors at this link are MUCH more accurate than in my pic! https://m.bonanza.com/listings.....cQQAvD_BwE

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