The intuitive way to create flattering outfit proportions with wide crops or culottes is to wear them with a cropped top or fitted top that defines the waist, and a low-vamped heel to lengthen the leg line. The outfit below throws those styling strategies out the window with a roomy longer top and high-vamped flats, but to my eye the proportions work well.

MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Wide Cropped Jeans

Here’s why.

The wide crops are shorter than two inches above the ankle bone, which lengthens the leg line from the calves upwards and tempers their volume. The voluminous top has a structured shoulder line and is sleeveless (remember that showcasing skin creates structure because you’re highlighting the natural contour of the body.) The length of the top hides the waist, but the handkerchief hem draws subtle attention to it because it’s shorter in front. The shorter hem also lifts the eye upward, which shortens the torso and thereby lengthens the leg line. Flat pointy toed footwear further elongates the lower leg line without wearing heels. The low contrast between the wide crops, model’s skin tone, and footwear add further vertical integrity.

Granted, the top is muumuu on the midsection and makes your body look wider than it is from any angle. The wideness is accentuated by the high-contrast colour-blocked pattern. Things would look more streamlined if the pattern were a dark colour too. Either way, you have to be good with surrendering the waist.

It’s fun to create outfit proportions that are just flattering enough because they don’t limit your creativity or restrict your comfort. They also make the items in your wardrobe a lot more wearable. As long as you adhere to your personal figure flattering priorities, you’re good to go because YOU have to feel fab in your outfit.

Over to you. What do you think of these outfit proportions?