I have tried culottes in the past but could never make them work as a look for work. (Bear in mind, my workplace is casual enough for jeans.) I don’t think I yet had the wardrobe skills to make it look more than sloppy, both in terms of the style of culottes chosen and how I wear them.

I’ve been actively searching for some navy ones and finally have what should be the right size coming from Boden. I waited for a pop back, and in the meantime I figured I’d try these black linen blend ones from Old Navy (find to come).

A high waist can be uncomfortable for me, but these are stretchy enough to be okay. Since I have a short waist, I need to semi tuck. I don’t really have the kind of top suggested in the post from this week but would try it if I did. I tried to create a similar effect with the tuck.

I added my new Naturalizer sandals. I like the contrast of how clean and modern they are with the floral top. I think the angle of the picture doesn’t do them justice, since my ankles are obscured. I Had to shoe this using a second pic of just my feet. (I’m not good with selfie angles so that’s the best I could do.) I am afraid they may casualize the look a little much, even though I was going for some degree of that effect. If that makes sense. I’m just experimenting here, so thoughts are appreciated.

PS - the bag is just the one I’m carrying this week. I don’t have time to pair my bag to each day’s outfit. And I need a hat to walk outside because the sun has been strong. I think these items look good altogether but they weren’t part of my planning but more incidental.

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