Although you can make resolutions at any time, here are seven that I like to remind myself of at the beginning of every year. Maybe they will resonate with you. 

1. Create an Authentic Style

Sometimes, our idea of style and wardrobe perfection isn’t suited to who we are, which makes it an unnatural fit and hard to achieve. Style starts from the inside out. There is little point in trying to create a look for an imaginary persona or lifestyle because it’s impractical and a chore. The closer we align our style to our needs and sartorial preferences, the easier it is to create and manage.

2. Resist Poison Eye

We all have a poison eye or two when it comes to fashion and style. These are the looks or trends that we just can’t get used to. Try to keep them to a minimum because there is a version of every trend for everyone. Remember that your poison eye can be somebody’s else’s favourite look. Horses for courses, always.

3. Relax into It

Fashion and style are supposed to be fun. Don’t let them frustrate you or boss you around. Relax into the process and don’t take it too seriously. There will always be another sale or killer piece. There is a workable solution for every fashion challenge, and an opportunity to look and feel fab no matter what. If you are feeling frustrated and finding it hard to shake the feeling, walk away and revisit things when you’re in a better headspace.

4. Be Patient

I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Be patient with your style. Style is a journey, and not a destination. Take it one step at a time so that you’re always aligned with the internal and external factors that affect your style. It takes time and resources to build an effective wardrobe, especially when some fashion seasons are better than others. Focus on what you have and what you’ve achieved with your style instead of feeling dissatisfied and despairing about what you don’t have. Your style will fall into place after a while.

5. Listen to Your Feelings

Pay attention to how you feel in an outfit. Don’t take the emotion out of the closet editing, shopping or outfit creation process because it’s the foundation of an authentic style. The more you are in tune with emotions, the easier it is to sport a style that is effortless, authentic and makes you feel fabulous.

6. Learn from Mistakes

Experiment with new things when you feel the urge to refresh your style or haul yourself out of a style rut. Be surprised at what works, and learn from what doesn’t. We all make mistakes so try not to feel guilty about them. Onward and next, is a good motto.

7. Have Fun with Fashion

Fashion and style unites people from all corners of the globe. Just look at an amazing community like YLF as an example. Shopping with friends can be therapeutic. Your closet might be your happy space. Selecting what to wear can be creative and satisfying. Wearing the heck out of your fabulous wardrobe can spark great joy. Helping others find their style and feel confident in their outfits can be very rewarding. If you enjoy fashion, developing and refreshing your style can be entertaining and creative. Laugh a lot, and have fun with fashion wherever it may take you.

Style is neither a size nor an age, but an energy and confidence that is expressed through clothing, footwear and accessories. I wish you a stylish 2018 filled with lots of fun fashion adventures, confidence-boosting outfits, and busloads of laughter.