January is one of my favourite months because it’s the start of a brand new year. A time to reflect, get rid of cobwebs, create positive intentions, set some goals, prioritize what’s important, and become more self-aware. We get to start again, learn from our mistakes, and make the next 365 days more meaningful than the last. 
The topic of fashion and style is highly emotional terrain. It has the power to both boost up and break down our confidence levels. The more confident we are, the better we feel about our style and the way we look. This in turn positively impacts those around us, which boosts us even further. 
The purpose of YLF and its engaged, supportive community is to help you navigate the emotional terrain, build an effective wardrobe that suits your needs, and boost your confidence to the point that you feel fabulous about your style. There are solutions and opportunities for every style and fashion challenge, and I look forward to working on them together in 2018. 
We at YLF wish you a happy, healthy, safe, peaceful and stylish new year.