I so enjoyed Angie's post that I decided to base my year end reflections on them.
1. Create an authentic style. This might be my favorite. This year I really drilled home the idea that style comes from the inside. Systems, categories and other tools are immensely helpful, but ultimately style is a unique interaction between me, my environment and the clothes I choose to wear.
2. Resist poison eyes. As in life, I have taken to examining trends and looks I don't like on first impression. I actually find that a great self learning tool.
3. Relax into it. For me, this is about relaxing about items that no longer fit, no longer are comfortable and no longer suit me. Let it go is my (aspirational) motto.
4. Be patient. And picky. I have become more selective than ever about what I bring home, even if it just costs a dollar or two, and I have learned to enjoy the act of selecting, including rejection, for its own sake.
5. Listen to my feelings. I have learned that it all starts with how I feel - later on there is time to analyze why it worked or not.
6. Learn from mistakes. We all make mistakes so learn from them and move on. I am the poster woman for this. To wit: 7. Have fun with fashion!
I found myself at a bit of a crossroads early in the year. We were still reeling from our sudden loss of my SIL. The world was changing in frightening ways. I had taken steps to start an online consignment shop, an idea I have been toying with for years, but found myself stuck over and over again. To make a long process short, I decided to completely change tacks. My first jobs after law school were in the non-profit arena in New York City, and I have decided to return to work for causes I believe in by day, and save the blogging about second hand fashion as a hobby. (My renamed blog is http://www.retakestyle.com if you care to take a look.) This decision has brought the fun back to fashion for me in a big way!

(Attached some random "business" looks I liked this year.)

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