As my last post of 2017, here are some thoughts to wrap up the year of style, fashion, retail and beyond. These are completely subjective musings, so feel free to agree, disagree, and add to my list. It’s all in good fun. 

My Highlight of the Year: A casual two-week road trip with my boys through six US states: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Montana. Greg is the best chauffeur (I did zero driving) and Sam is a road trip rock star. We ate incredible food, enjoyed blissful hot Summer weather, walked our feet off, saw incredible scenery, and enjoyed quality family time. I am officially on Team Road Trip With My Boys.


Angie & Sam

Fashion Highlight of the Year: Shopping with Greg for my birthday. We spent the day together and I felt like a princess.

Best Retail Therapy: Shopping with dear friend Inge in the Netherlands when I see my Dad. Every three to four months we spend the day together, yak till the cows come home, find wardrobe gems, laugh a lot, and eat yummy food.

Angie & Inge

Best Super Hero: Super Sam.


Fashion & Style Buzzword for 2017: Diversity.

My Biggest Fashion Surprises: I like polyester in denim, have a capsule of crossbody bags, love wearing utility pants, and built a burgundy capsule.

Best Purchase of the Year: New specs chosen by in-house fashion stylist Greg.


The Best Trends: The ones that make you feel happy and fabulous.

The Worst Trends: The ones that boss you around and don’t get your style.

Most Saturated Items in Retail: Highly distressed and ripped denim, exuberant sleeved tops, oversized tops, cropped pants, ill-fitting T-shirts, body-con skinnies, and sneakers.

The Worst Fit Problems: Dresses that are too short, fits that are too tight on the calf, long sleeves that are too tight, and overly wide necklines.

Biggest Missed Opportunities at Retail: Trendy items that are tailored, but not body-con. Trendy silhouettes in sizes US14 and up.

Best Online Shipping Service: Amazon, with Zappos as a close second.

Best Customer Service: The Nordstrom valet team at the downtown flagship in Seattle. I’ve been dropping my car off there for fourteen years, and their service is flawless.

Hotel of the Year: The Kimpton Hotel Monaco. They’re a fancy hotel chain that do not discriminate against their doggy guests — all breeds allowed and they stay for free. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly, and the art deco decor is fabulous.

Best Workout for Mind, Body & Spirit: A heated vinyasa yoga class led by a competent yogi, and a long walk with Greg and Sam.

Colour of the Year: Burgundy.

Accessory of the Year: Scarves across all seasons.

Best Maximal Instagram Blogger: Journey of a Stylist. Greet’s outfits are over the top, creatively pulled together, and exquisitely colourful. If you enjoy looking at and wearing bold colour combinations, check her out on Instagram.

Best Fashion Blogger: Carelia from My Small Wardrobe. Not only is Carelia beautifully stylish, but she’s a lovely person. Friendly, fun and full of positive energy. Her smile is sublime.

Most Stylish Man in Orange: My 85 year old darling Dad.


Most Celebrated Body Parts of the Year: Alluring ankles, sumptuous shoulders, and wonderful wrists.

Most Visually Fab Movie of the Year: Blade Runner 2049.

Best TV Shows of the Year: Stranger Things, Mindhunter, Halt and Catch Fire, and Shetland.

Best Movie of the Year: Dunkirk.

Best Online Community: YLF!

Best Forum Comment: Fabber Joy commented on one of my forum threads with a rhyme. Clever!

Angie has some new floral shoes.
Something pretty for our muse.
She thinks that the flowers
Give her super powers
For shopping, and a cure for foot blues

Best $16 I spent on my Wardrobe: A pair of orange trousers that make me feel fab.

Best Beauty Product: Caudalie Vinisource Overnight Recovery Oil and here’s why.

Most Popular Ensemble: The Pattern-Mixed Kitchen Sink.


Favourite Way to Accumulate Steps: Shop.

Biggest Bang for Your Fashion Buck: Wear the heck out of your fabulous clothes.

Favourite Style Tips: Be patient with your style, listen to how you feel in an outfit, and never stop having fun with fashion.

We at YLF wish you a happy, safe and peaceful New Year.