It’s become tradition for Greg, Sam and me to wear a matching set of Christmas outfits, just for fun. Last year we pulled together a family loungewear capsule and a festive set of crazy stripes. This year, it’s a mismatched set of plaid. 

By the way, you know you’ve lived in the US for a while when you use the word “plaid” to describe checked and tartan patterns. Plaid was a very odd word to me at first, but now I’ve succumbed and I’m using it too.

Sam was the catalyst for our plaid-cubed effect. He does NOT like to wear clothes at all. But he enjoys his collars and bandanas, so that’s where I started with this year’s Christmas outfits. I found a darling plaid scarf that was more playful than a regular plaid. I had to have it altered to fit because the XS was big for our slight 6-pounder. Together with his holiday polka dot collar, Sam’s pattern-mixed look is on-trend, bold and very comfortable. The comfort factor is extremely important when you’re playing with toys, chewing bones, eating foodies, out for a walk, snuggling, and standing guard for the Cox Castle. Sam’s stylist got that part right this time, so he shan’t be firing her.

Sam was sorted. Next up, tops for Mum and Dad to match his Lordship.

Plaids that are “mismatched, but work together” are very 2017. Maximally fab, on-trend, and a pattern that we enjoy wearing. I headed to J.Crew because I like their plaid shirts. I found mine right away after spotting the Perfect Shirt in Stewart Plaid. It’s a classic, somewhat equestrian, and dressy because it isn’t flannel. I then matched Sam’s bandana and my plaid shirt to a plaid shirt that Greg would like. The Blue and Green Plaid Shirt wasn’t as dark as Greg would have preferred, but he liked it anyway. Plaid shirts sorted. On to bottoms.

I desperately wanted to get the red tartan pants that J.Crew styled with my plaid shirt, but they were sold out. I love the plaid shirt with white jeans, and a burgundy belt and booties. But the combination didn’t feel sufficiently dressy for Christmas. As soon as I tried on the red lace pants, that was that. Not quite red tartan, but just as fab and maybe even more my style. I adore lace, and these fit like a dream. Very comfortable, flattering, pretty, crease-resistant, and a perfect length at two inches above the ankle bone. They’re shorter on me than on the model, if you can believe it. A semi-tuck of the shirt, gold heeled party loafers, loads of pearls, a cherry clutch and brown specs – and Bob’s your uncle. Smart casual, and ready for cooking and hosting.

Greg matched his untucked plaid shirt with a black under tee, blue jeans, a pair of signature red sneakers, and black specs. He’s always more casually dressed than I am, and likes it that way. Greg says that if I’m dressy, it effectively dresses up his casual look when we’re out and about as a couple. Cheeky, but it works!


Angie & Sam



Our little family of three will be wearing these matching mismatched plaid outfits on Christmas day. We’ll also be slowing things down between Christmas and new year. We at YLF wish you happy holidays, safe travels, and lots of laughter with loved ones.