I wear loungewear for a few hours a day. I put it on first thing in the morning over my pajamas like a “robe”, and again at night when at home with hubby Greg and our Yorkie Sam. It’s an important part of my dressing routine because it helps me to relax and reinforces that I am done for the day. 

My loungewear items are wardrobe workhorses so I am extra picky about them. They have to be fun, super cosy, comfortable, oversized, great quality, very floppy, and make me feel fab when I wear them. I have Summer sets and Winter sets that are frequently replenished because they get lots of wear. 

While walking through the Nordstrom Flagship in Seattle a few weeks ago, I saw a stand next to the pajama section that customized sweatshirts with a slogan of your choice. At first I walked right by, but half an hour later I went back to customize a sweatshirt for my new Winter loungewear set. Why not! 

Greg and Sam mean the world to me, so I knew exactly what I wanted the slogan to say. I chose the lightest colour of the sweatshirt options, which was a mid-tone grey. I’m not that fond of the grey, but the glitzy gold sequined lettering sealed the deal. This is my favourite lounging sweatshirt of all time because it ticks off all the boxes – and then some.


Then off to the Gap to complete my lounging outfit. I chose a pair of very loose red and navy checked flannel pajama bottoms, a navy and white striped modal tee, and fuzzy patterned socks to combine with the new sweatshirt. Apart from the socks, the exact items are shown in the collection below. 

As I was trying on the items in the dressing room, I thought it might be fun to get Greg and Sam matching loungewear outfits. So in the men’s section of the Gap, I got Greg a grey henley and a similar pair of red and navy checked flannel pajama bottoms with fuzzy patterned socks. On the way home, I popped into my favourite pet supply store that’s close to our house and bought Sam a red fleece top to match his red collar. The exact items are shown in the photo.


We wore our family loungewear capsule on our recent snowy getaway to Whidbey Island last week, and it worked out extremely well. Greg loved the slogan on my sweatshirt, and my boys looked as adorable as ever. Comfy, warm and festive.