This ensemble was inspired by an outfit I recently saw on a Zara mannequin. It’s like a modern version of Madonna’s early ‘80s look. It combines leggings with lots of layers, to the point where the leggings are an afterthought, and barely visible. That’s quite the change from wearing leggings as pants. The combination is also a great way to insulate a skirt.

Although the outfit is high contrast, it has low-contrast components too. You can create a low-contrast effect from head to toe if that’s more to your taste. Leggings tend to look best in black, so including black in your colour palette helps to pull the look together.

Here are the components:

Skirt: Choose a pleated skirt, or another A-line silhouette with personality. A tulle skirt could work. Pleated skirts with less volume look more streamlined. A knee-covering length looks fab.

Leggings: Layer a pair of black ankle-length leggings under the skirt. Black pleather leggings are another option.

Tops: Zara layered a black graphic tee over a floral blouse. They tucked the blouse into the skirt and semi-tucked the tee for waist definition. Another option is to wear a black welted sweatshirt or pullover with a neckerchief for a similar effect — less bulky and no need to tuck or semi-tuck tops. Try an asymmetrical tunic pullover or a cropped pullover or knitted top too. Again, no need for tucking.

Jacket: Choose a black moto jacket or cropped black jacket. The shorter length of the jacket elongates the leg line from the hips upward.

Footwear: Choose dressy black pumps, smoking slippers, loafers or ballet flats. Black patent is fab.

Accessories: Finish off the look with a small crossbody bag with a chain handle strap. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

The outfit is an acquired taste. But if you like to wear black, enjoy leggings and have an orphaned skirt, it might be worth a try.

Ensemble: Leggings and The Kitchen Sink