Stripes, dots, leopard and plaid are classic patterns that work well together in an outfit. They are the easiest to combine in a neutral colour palette, just like the outfit from J.Crew shown below. Pattens and solids in black, white, cream, tan, toffee, ink blue, navy and blue denim are a good way to go. 


Think of any way at all to combine the four patterns. No need to combine all of them at once. Sticking to two or three at a time is ample. Here are some combinations to get you started.

Striped Tee, Leopard Topper & Jeans

Combine a striped tee with a leopard topper and blue, black or white jeans. Choose black, blue, cognac or cream footwear. If you like you can add polka dot socks and/or plaid bag. Make sure the patterns are in the same colour palette so that you feel pulled together, and that the eye can rest amidst the sea of pattern.

Black & Cream with Leopard & Dots

Combine a black skirt or pair of pants with a cream top and polka dot scarf. Throw in a pair of leopard shoes, navy bag and leave it at that. Go a step further and add a plaid bag or topper.

Dots, Plaid & Leopard

Combine a polka dot top with jeans or solid black bottoms. Finish off the look with cream, black or leopard footwear. Leave it at that or go a step further by adding a leopard bag and/or plaid topper. Or change things around with a leopard topper and plaid bag. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Ensemble: Stripes, Dots, Leopard & Plaid