This ensemble was inspired by my own pastel pink and blue casual outfits that I’ve enjoyed wearing over the last few weeks. The palette is for those who like to wear pastels from head to toe, which is an acquired taste. The effect is soft and pretty, and extra crisp with white. No hard edge at all.

The exact items from my wardrobe are in the collection below. I mixed and matched these pieces to create lots of different outfits.

Create your own outfits by remixing light blue, blush pink and white. Note that faded denim is a great way to provide the pastel blue component of the look. And if you like the idea of pastels, but prefer wearing them in small doses, combine dark blue jeans with a white top, and pick up the pastels in accessories like a scarf and bag, like I have done in the ensemble on the right

Here are the components: 

Bottoms: Think light wash, white or regular blue jeans or skirt. Blush jeans are fab too. 

Tops: Think pastel blue, blush or white blouse, shirt, tee, knitted top or pullover. Create a contrast or column of colour with the bottoms. 

Toppers: This is an optional extra. We usually need some type of topper in Seattle because Spring is chilly, but by all means do without. Think light-coloured trench coat, moto, blazer, cardigan or another style of jacket that works with the palette. A metallic topper will also work, and so will a denim jacket in a different wash to the bottoms. 

Footwear: Keep the footwear LIGHT in colour. Add white, blush, nude, tan, pearl grey or metallic shoes to the outfit. 

Accessories: A Spring & Summer scarf in the colours of the palette is a great way to pull the look together, especially when you’re wearing pastel pink shoes. Choose a LIGHT-coloured handbag, like white, blush, nude, tan, dove grey or metallic. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired. 

I’ve chosen light pink and blue because they’re my favourite pastels, but the formula works as well with pastels like mint and lilac.

Ensemble: Casual Pastel Pink & Blue