ExampleI instinctively want to pair light blue with white in the Summertime, but some of my clients much prefer light blue with black. Black and light blue is especially effective when you have dark brown, red or black hair. My blonde hair might be why I gravitate to white rather than black because it complements the lightness of my hair.

Think of all sorts of ways to combine black with light blue. The options are endless, but here are three renditions to get you started. Note that faded denim and chambray can also function as the light blue part of the outfit. The easiest way to wear this palette is to combine faded blue jeans with a black top. But because that’s too easy, it hasn’t been represented here. 

Black Flared Crops & Trendy Top 

Combine a pair of black flared or straight cropped pants with an architectural light blue top. Finish off the look with silver, black or white footwear that works with the hemline of the flared crops. Choose a black, silver or white bag. 

Black Dress & Light Blue Scarf

Wrap a light blue cotton or linen Summer scarf over a casual black Summer dress. Finish off the look with silver or white footwear, and a white or silver bag. 

Black Skirt & Light Blue Blouse 

Combine a black pencil or tube skirt with a pretty light blue blouse. The blouse can have a subtle pattern and drape with romantic flounces, or be any other style that tickles your fancy. Finish off the look with silver, black or white footwear and a bag to match. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

I can combine a light blue cropped pullover with black flared crops, but it’s imperative that I add white or silver in the footwear and bag to lighten the palette of the outfit, and pick up the white in my hair. Adding black shoes and bag would feel too dark for my personal style. 

Over to you. Would you wear light blue with black, and which colour of footwear would you choose?

Ensemble: Summer Light Blue & Black