Racked published an interesting story about women who “fall between typical straight sizes and typical plus sizes”, or what is often referred to as “the in-between sizes”. 

Shoppers are calling out brands like ASOS who are charging more for plus-size clothing.

The New York Times asks why the beauty industry is ignoring curvy models.

During a panel discussion at CurvyCon, some 550 women shared their frustration about the lack of representation and diverse sizes in mainstream fashion with CEOs and designers from top brands.

Katie from The12ish shares 4 of her favourite plus-size labels.

Coverstory, a new online store, “curates a mix of under-the-radar indie labels and established brands” that cater to plus-size women.

Fab Links from Our Members

L’Abeille recommends this fascinating read on some of the emotional meanings of clothing items.

Angie points us to Sally’s post with helpful suggestions on how to dress when you need orthotics or have skin allergies

A lot of us have commented on the limited size range of designer clothing. milehighstyle (Linda) found an interview in which Christian Siriano gives some insight on some of the reasoning behind it and shows his awesomeness by doing his best to be inclusive.

Dee had never given much thought to the designers behind Olympic uniforms, so she thought this article was interesting.

Nishaa loves Bucketfeet shoes, but the concept behind the brand — namely, “to connect people through art” — even more.

Shevia wanted to share Vanessa Friedman’s article about how Hillary Clinton and Theresa May are heralding a new age in power dressing.

After reading that millennials are going braless, texstyle adds she’s not sure how long this trend will last, but that she hopes it will “drive attention to the need for truly comfortable, well-designed bras that don’t try to reshape the female form.”