I stumbled across this outfit at Zara and thought it a great and easy way to wear the neckerchief trend. You’ll probably be able to shop your closet for the look right away. I really like the length of the pants, the bold pattern mixing, and crisp white footwear. The result is relaxed and comfortable, yet pulled together, trendy and interesting. It also has a Modern Retro and Classic integrity that I find appealing.

The outfit formula combines: sleek cropped pants, slouchy striped top, patterned neckerchief, trendy white footwear.

Take the outfit formula and tweak it to suit YOU. You might prefer a fitted striped top or white pair of pants. A classic bandana instead of a geometric pattern on the neckerchief. Jeans instead of trousers. A solid top instead of a stripe. A striped blouse instead of a tee. A pencil skirt instead of pants. Dark shoes instead of white. Or stick more closely to the example just as it is. Are you inspired by this combination?