One clear sign of a glaring wardrobe hole is when you regularly reach for something to complete your outfits, but it isn’t there. When dressing for our glorious Spring weather over the last few weeks, I kept on reaching for an imaginary pair of comfortable gold flats to match my pearls, outfit hardware, belt, watches and wedding ring. 

I do have gold footwear, but the styles aren’t fulfilling this particular need. They need to be flat, covered for this time of year, and fairly casual. My gold ankle strap flats have open backs and are reserved for hot Summer days. My gold pumps are heeled and dressy, so not a good option either. I have silver laceless oxfords that are great, but they aren’t gold, which is my preferred metal. And although I have comfortable white flats that I can run around in — a wardrobe essential for my style — I like to change things up with a metallic from time to time. 

So I’ve ordered the styles in this collection, and hopefully one of them will work out. 

Have you found wardrobe holes this way?