A Kit and Ace store opened in Seattle recently and I finally had a chance to pop in to assess the product. The brand is all about beautifully made upscale casual wear in luxurious fabrications. Sporty Luxe with “luxe” being the operative word. Their on trend designs aim for maximum comfort in terms of silhouette and fabrication. I tried on some pieces and the fabrications do feel heavenly against the skin. The workmanship of the items is excellent too. I stroked the seams and hems, admiring how each garment had been carefully manufactured. 

Most of the items in the Kit & Ace assortment are black, white and a shade of grey. The hardware on all the pieces is rose gold, which is fun and unique. Most of the items are knitted, and a portion of those are in a fabrication called technical cashmere, that you can wear year round. 

Unfortunately, their size range is narrow, running from a US size 2 to 10. Many of the size 2 in bottoms fit like a 0, therefore running a little small. But their tops run more true to size, and some even a size big. The store manager told me that they will be introducing a US size 0 in the Fall, but there are no current plans to add larger sizes. I do hope that they expand their size curve soon. 

Items are quite pricey — $78 for a simple T-shirt, for example — but that’s because Kit and Ace is creating a simple item that is far from basic in terms of quality and design. And you’ll need to be prepared to pay extra for that. Here’s a selection of items that I liked from their Spring and Summer collection.

  • Kit & Ace Wave Tee: A longer length tee that drapes like a dream. The fabric creates a wave on one side of the body which looks interesting. The diagonal sleeves are flattering on all arm shapes and the fabric does not cling to the midsection.
  • Kit & Ace WATTS FLARE: Dramatic weighty cropped flares in a substantial knitted fabrication. Shaped with panel lines to create a good fit. Fab in ink blue. Too long for petites.
  • Kit & Ace Rhodes Trouser: The cut and drape of these woven trousers is sublime. Roomy, yet very tailored on the waist and hip. Incredibly flattering on a curvy and straighter figure. Defines the waist, hip and bottom quite beautifully. Not good on apple shaped body types. There is a hidden pocket for a regular size cell phone. Can easily be hemmed for petites.
  • Kit & Ace Come Back Pleated Mid Sleeve: A stiff and weighty architectural piece. Good neckline for all shapes of neck. Despite its stiffness, it's ultra soft. Special! The strategically placed back pleats are genius. Voluminous yet grounded because of the drape of the fabric.
  • Kit & Ace Loose Is More Short: Adorable woven long shorts to wear with a blazer or moto jacket. Waist sits lower on the hip. Not that good on curvy thighs.
  • Kit & Ace Just Coasting Drop Shoulder Tee: My favourite T-shirt in the collection because the neckline was flattering but not overly wide. Fabulous sleeve detailing and great semi-tuck slouching potential. No need to wear a camisole.
  • Kit & Ace Saturday Night Fever Flare: The best knitted cropped flares of the season. Beautifully tailored and forgiving of "lumpage and bumpage". Creates a wonderful sleek silhouette.
  • Kit & Ace Last Call Jacket: A heavy weight and very robust cropped trapeze jacket. The boxy silhouette is well cut because it hangs off the curve of the body with grounded intention. The back pleat detailing is a fun surprise.
  • Kit & Ace Straight and Narrow Trouser: The easy to wear "Audrey" cigarette pant that will provide structure to a voluminous top. Works well on both curvier and straighter figures.
  • Kit & Ace Mulberry Pant: High on the waist so if you like a long rise - this is an option. Provides a girdling effect on apple shaped body types, and works quite well on curvy figures too. Hems are easy to shorten.
  • Kit & Ace Leona Blouse: A glorious architectural woven blouse. Looks crisp and starched yet feels soft and comfortable. Runs big. Great on broader shoulders.
  • Kit & Ace Wave Dress: A knitted architectural dress with sufficient length for tall girls. Its asymmetrical waved drape is fabulous. The armholes might be a little wide though, especially when you're petite with slender ams and short in the waist. The tapered hem adds plenty of structure.
  • Kit & Ace Find Your Flare: I haven't seen these trousers in person, but they look interesting. The relaxed fit on the stripe is a good idea, and the back hem zippers are fabulous. The length cannot be hemmed though. This style is for Team Tall.
  • Kit & Ace Avalon Brushed Pant: Comfy harem pants fabness. I love the way they've structured the waist with a proper waistband, darts and short zipper.
  • Kit & Ace Meridian Necklace: A fun Y-chain that looks great with V-necks and scoop necks.

I’ve seen most of these pieces on myself or modelled by sales assistants. The feel of the fabrications against the skin is quite remarkable. My favourite items in the collection were the Rhodes Trouser and the Watts Flare. If the trousers came in a colour other than black or grey, they would be mine because they are excellent with a tucked top and cropped jacket. I love the way they tailor the waist, which looks fresh to my eye. The flares come in ink blue which I loved. Knitted trousers aren’t my thing, but these might change my mind because they’re shaped with panel lines and made of a very weighty fabric that feels woven.

Visit the collection page to see the pictures alongside my descriptions.