Several forum members made excellent suggestions for new-to-me activewear brands in this thread about where to buy stylish workout clothes. This had me wondering what else is out there on the market.

The Business of Fashion lists a number of new activewear brands “that are gearing up to compete with Nike, Lululemon and Under Armour.”

Fashionista’s roundup of athletic gear labels to watch looks interesting too.

Fab Links from Our Members

Laura recommends Color Scheme Designer as a wonderful tool for people who are experimenting with different colour palettes.

Angie refers us to Sally’s post with tips on how to play up your assets, and this one that goes into how blogs mirror the women of the world.

Citygirldc thought these suggestions for jeans that look good on a petite frame might come in handy.

Nancy had to chuckle about these ancient sculptures dressed like hipsters.

UmmLila loves to shop but is nevertheless tempted by MM. LaFleur, “a clothing brand made for professional women who hate to shop.”

She also would like to share this interesting overview of Keith Richards’ looks

L’Abeille thinks Fabbers will enjoy this insightful critique of the fashion publishing and blogging world, which, she adds, “makes me appreciate Angie all the more and the community she has created here.”

Joy enjoyed these tips on how to flatter our neckline as we get older.

This article about two reporters testing the Old Navy Stay-White Rockstar super skinny jeans made merwoman smile.

DianeG likes Kimberly’s visuals for choosing necklaces to suit various shaped necklines on tops and sweaters.

She also points us to Catherine’s post about why more brands should be using over 40 fashion bloggers as models.

JAileen came across this interesting article about Gloria Vanderbilt.

Vildy really likes how Aloïs of Dress like a Parisian addresses readers questions on these 6 pages, especially because Aloïs gives so many alternatives.