We can express some of the things that we are passionate about quite literally in our style. Like wearing a David Bowie T-shirt because we love his music, or a kitty pattern because we adore cats. Some people get tattoos on their skin to signify a loved one and at the same time create edgy body art. 

The way we express these passions can be noticeable or subtle. Either way is fabulous, so choose which works best for you. I’m passionate about dogs and with Yorkshire Terriers in particular. I wear a vintage Yorkie brooch with some outfits. I wear Yorkie socks with my daily pajama loungewear when I’m at home. You can see the brooch and my socks in the collection below, and the brooch in this outfit.

Expressing one of your passions in your style is fun and makes your outfits unique and personal. It can also be comforting. I’m sure you’re probably expressing some of your passions in your style already, and I’d love to hear all about it.