Angie's blog post on Yorkies today reminded me of a conclusion I reached a few weeks ago - I own too many cat items! When I received my newest blouse addition, Paul & Joe Sister "Gattini" blouse, I did a quick count and realized that I own 7 cat printed tops: three silk blouses, two rayon blouses, one cotton button down shirt and one cheeky sweater called "Geeky Cat". My iPhone case also features a large 3D cat.
The craze was started a couple of years ago on the forum with Equipment Siamese cat silk blouse and continued with the J Crew blue version. Quite a few fabbers have those two. Then I added a few more. Most of the prints are very subtle though - you can only tell they are cats if you come really close and pay attention.
I love cats, but my current living situation doesn't allow for owning one, so maybe I am overcompensating for that with clothing. If you see me in a near future here on the forum coveting or ordering another cat item, please stage an intervention and stop me from getting it.