This ensemble is for those who like to mix neutrals. I’m talking about black, shades of white and grey, chocolate brown, taupe, toffee, cognac, ink blue, navy, denim blue, and metallics. You can add olive, although it’s probably a little harder to combine with neutrals other than black and shades of white. Olive can also work as a neutral, but to my eye it comes alive when combined with non-neutrals and that’s why it isn’t represented in these ensembles. But feel free to add it into the mix. 

Think outside the box when combining the neutrals. Use solids and patterns, mix patterns and use colour blocking. Here are some combinations to get you started.

Each combination can be topped with a black coat. I chose a texture-rich style because it livens up the expanse of black. An ink blue coat works equally well. The scarf, bags and hat can be worn across all the three renditions. 

Dark Jeans, Grey Top with Toffee & Black

This rendition combines dark blue jeans with a grey top, toffee footwear, toffee scarf, black bag and black coat. I pattern mixed the grey and the toffee with a stripe and check — just for fun — but substituting with solids will also work. I like that the toffee warms up the grey and that the jeans are almost black. 

Ink Top, Black Skirt & Leopard Footwear 

Combine an ink blue or navy top with a black skirt and add leopard footwear, a black bag and black coat. A tan bag looks fresh too. Or turn the combination on its head with black top, an ink blue skirt and toffee footwear. 

Black Top, Toffee Bottoms & Brown Accents 

Pair a black pullover with toffee trousers and finish off the look with chocolate brown footwear and bag. Top the lot off with a black or ink blue coat. I chose booties with high shafts because they work well with the cropped pants (they close the gap). Of course, feel free to turn the combination upside down by pairing a toffee top with black bottoms. 

These outfits defy the myth that you can’t wear black with brown, ink blue or navy. Forget outdated guidelines about colour combinations and wear all sorts of neutrals together. It looks more interesting that way.

Ensemble: Many Neutrals