I can think of one trend that I hope will make a comeback, and it’s a flashback from the  glorious ‘80s. Shoulder pads! And I bet I’m in the minority. 
They also made quite the fashion statement back in the ‘40s, but it’s the ‘80s that we tend to associate more with shoulder pads. I loved wearing them in the mid to late ‘80s — when I was a teen — because they worked well for my narrow shoulder line. They made me feel ever so grown-up and powerful. Now that I’m grown up, I find them just as appealing and I’m a little nostalgic about them. 
Look at these fun pins from the ‘80s with shoulder pads. The pads aren’t overly big, and look chic to my eye. 
Shoulder Pads 1Shoulder Pads 2Shoulder Pads 3Shoulder Pads 4
Shoulder pads made a bit of a comeback about five or six years ago with the more angular and futuristic “sharp shoulder trend”. Perhaps they looked a little too futuristic and pointy, because the trend didn’t stick. I’m hoping for a slightly softer version of the sharp shoulder that’s more like the look in the pins. 
Over to you. Would you wear a modern version of the shoulder pad trend? Which other  trends do you hope will make a comeback in the near future.