Nothing beats the simplicity of a dress. Pull it on, add footwear, hosiery, topper and clutch, and Bob’s your uncle. Of course the hardest part here is finding a frock that you like, and making sure that you don’t feel self-conscious about lumpage and bumpage. Not to mention that most of us want it to be adequately warm and cozy for this time of year. 

Knitted dresses in substantial fabrications, sweater dresses, A-line dresses with handkerchief hems, and sack dresses get my vote for maximum comfort. Make these styles of dress the base of your holiday look this year and finish them off with a festive touch. 

Here are two outfit formulas to get you started with the concept. In the spirit of being traditional, I’ve chosen a classic black, white, red, tan and gold palette. But you can choose any colour palette, as long as your footwear is festive. 

Sweater Dress & Coat

Combine a sweater dress with a fun coat. Fit-and-flares, sack silhouettes, and A-line sweater dresses are particularly comfortable. Add pumps, heeled booties or tall boots for footwear. Finish off the look with hose and sparkle. 

Sheath & Statement Wrap

Combine a simple sheath dress with a dramatic wrap or poncho. Choose a solid or patterned topper. The type of topper can stay on indoors so you don’t need to worry about losing outfit drama. Add pumps, heeled booties or dressy taller boots for footwear. Finish off the look with hose, sparkle and plenty of good cheer.

Holiday Ensemble: The Cozy Party Frock