Over-the-knee boots are a fringe trend most seasons and this year is no different. The top of the boot covers the knees, and in some instances reaches to mid-thigh. The effect is dramatic and quite equestrian. 

Here are four easy ways to wear over-the-knee boots in outfits. 

Low Contrast Over Skinnies

The easiest way to wear over-the-knee boots is to pop them over skinny jeans or pants. Create a low contrast between the jeans and boots for extra vertical integrity and to eliminate horizontal lines on the leg. This combination also reduces the drama of the boots because they don’t stand out as much. Finish off the outfit with cozy layers. Wearing a long topper over the outfits as seen in these examples below goes a long way to grounding the drama.

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Paulette Suede Over-the-knee BootsCHLOE Suede Thigh Boots

High Contrast Over Skinnies 

By all means combine over-the-knee boots with skinny jeans and pants that create a high contrast with the boots as seen in these examples. The boots stand out more, creating extra drama. The horizontal line created by the high contrast top of the boots is offset by the length of the boots, which lengthens the leg upward from the calves. Finish off the outfit with cozy layers. And again, wearing a long topper over the outfits as seen in these pics goes a long way to grounding the drama of the boots. It is not essential though.

SAM EDELMAN Elina Suede Over-the-knee BootsGIANVITO ROSSI Suede Over-the-knee Boots

With Short Skirts & Dresses 

I like over-the-knee boots with shorter skirts and dresses that create an exposed area of skin between the top of the boots and the hem of the skirt or dress. That way you showcase the style of the boots. The concept works equally well with shorts. By all means wear hosiery for insulation. Create a low or high contrast between the hosiery and the boots.

GIANVITO ROSSI Suede Over-the-knee BootsGIANVITO ROSSI Suede Over-the-knee Boots

With Longer Skirts & Dresses

This is my least favourite pairing, but over-the-knee boots can also be worn with longer skirts and dresses. The visual effect is much like wearing knee-high boots because you cover the part of the boots that makes them special. But wearing them this way does make them more versatile.

GIANVITO ROSSI Leather Over-the-knee BootsGIANVITO ROSSI Shearling-trimmed Suede-Over-the-knee Boots

You CAN wear over-the-knee boots when you’re petite so please don’t think that you can’t. A few of my clients in the 5 to 5 foot 2 range wear low-heeled over-the-knee boots with panache. They make sure that those shafts aren’t quite as long though. 

Feel free to ask further questions on how to wear over-the-knee boots if you’re stuck.