Bridal Fashion Week took place in NYC last week, so here’s a short roundup of some of the Fall/Winter 2016 trends coming down the runway:

Fab Links from Our Members

Isabel’s heart almost stopped when she saw this article about how jeans are in danger of extinction. She adds: “I have noticed for a couple of years now that kids in school rarely wear jeans. The girls wear black tights or leggings and the boys mostly wear sports pants.”

Angie really liked Sally’s post on Style as Self-Care. As Sally puts it: “tending to my style feels both pleasurable and rewarding.” And Angie couldn’t agree more.

JAileen noticed that in her promo picture, Svetlana Alexievich, the 2015 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, was wearing mustard. Angie had just done a post on wearing mustard, and here was this writer from Belarus looking great in a mustard suede jacket.

Carole appreciated Bridgette’s post about transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Fall.

Has anyone played around with Style Suduko? Desmo April used it to create a travel capsule to upstate New York in November. The visuals help her keep track of the outfits.

Robin loves that the Bold Beauty Project exhibition celebrates physical beauty not in spite of, but because of the women’s physical differences and disabilities, “that beauty isn’t all or nothing, that their canes, wheelchairs, etc. are just part of their photos, not played up for effect or erased to make a more ‘perfect’ picture.”

The article above reminded BridgetteRaes of IZ Adaptive, a company that makes stylish and functional clothing for men and women in wheelchairs.

Vildy thinks Robin Givhan, the Washington Post’s fashion critic, is brilliant at discussing attitude and values. She enjoyed how this entire piece is filled with pithy distillations about what is confidence, narcissism, powerlessness, suffering, undress, adulthood versus the quest for youthfulness.