This ensemble was inspired by a casual uniform that has become a favourite with some of my clients because it’s an alternative to denim. It’s also cozy, comfy and texture-rich. It combines a pair of skinny corduroy pants with a layering top, poncho or vest, and boots. 

The corduroy skinnies from KUT from the Kloth are a repeat style and all-round winners with clients. Great fit, warm and affordable. Ponchos, in all sorts of styles and colours, have been a hit too. 

Choose any colour palette across patterns and solids. I’ve chosen a very bold super hero palette in red and orange on the left, and a calm rendition in shades of brown on the right. Here are the components of the formula:

Corduroy Skinnies: Choose a pair of skinny or straight leg corduroy pants in a colour that tickles your fancy. 

Layering Top: Choose a layering top in a pattern or solid like a long-sleeved T-shirt, turtleneck, blouse, shirt or knitted top. Wear it over the cords. 

Poncho or Vest: Choose a poncho or tunic sweater vest in a cozy knit that works with the rest of the outfit. Pop it over the top for a layered look. 

Footwear: Mid-calf boots, knee-high boots, and over-the-knee boots tend to look best with skinny cords, but ankle boots are an easy alternative. Choose a casual style that works with the proportions and colours of the outfit. 

Accessories: A scarf is an optional extra for the version with the tunic sweater vest. Choose a satchel or clutch for the poncho option because shoulder bags don’t work with ponchos. Choose any casual bag for the tunic sweater vest option. Finish off the outfit with jewellery, watch, eyewear and headgear as desired.

Ensemble: Cords, Boots & Poncho or Vest