Now that we’re eight months into the year it’s time to check in on the style goals that we set back in January. I’ve done more shopping than usual thanks to a few trips abroad and an especially successful Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’ve bought several wild cards that have worked out well. 

I set nine goals in January, and I’ve managed to reach some of them.

#1 To wear Simple outfits that are Modern, Crisp, Dressy and Bold.

Moving away from a Tomboy fashion persona, I’m in the mood for a prettier, softer, sleeker and more ladylike style direction. No hard edge or overly masculine combinations. The style moniker I aspire to is Urban Pretty, and the adjectives I use to describe it are: Simple, Modern, Crisp, Dressy and SOFT (instead of Bold, which I’ve been using for years). 

#2 To continue adding a refined and soft element to my style as I marry my favourite style personas, Modern Classic, Punk, Trendy Fashionista and Androgynous into a cohesive look that is age appropriate and attractive. 

My new soft and pretty style direction has left a large portion of the Androgynous fashion persona behind. I’ve let go of my bold spiked hair and grown out my fringe to a softer ‘80s ‘do. I now prefer to wear blouses and knitwear to boyish button-down shirts, and I’ve added more dresses too. I’m also adding Retro Futurism as a style persona because I’m drawn to the glam looks from the ‘70s and cheeky styles of the ‘60s while ‘80s silhouettes stay close to my heart. I continue to sport modern classics with trends.

#3 To continue mixing high-end and low-end pieces in one outfit. 


#4 To continue experimenting with trouser and jeans styles in both solids and patterns throughout the year. 

Check. I’ve moved away from blue boyfriend jeans and I’m sticking to white because they’re prettier, crisper and dressier. I’ve also added skinny pants and jeans, high-waisted cropped pants and jeans, cropped kick flared jeans, red wool trousers and a jumpsuit to my wardrobe.   

#5 To continue experimenting with button-down shirts and knitwear styles because they never let me down. 

I haven’t bought a single modern classic button-down shirt this year. I’ve moved over to soft blouses, all sorts of knitwear, mixed media knitwear, and the occasional knitted top.  

#6 To NOT purchase too many black wardrobe items because I only enjoy black in small doses.

Check. I’ve purchased a solid short-sleeved black turtleneck this year and that’s it. 

#7 To NOT purchase solid grey wardrobe items because the colour does not make me happy. 

Check. I’ve learned that wearing dark and mid-tone grey in a top or topper makes me sad, so no more. But wearing a very light silver grey with white, sea foam and light blue makes me happy, so I’ve purchased two silver grey pullovers and love them. 

#8 To add more tomato red to my wardrobe, because it does make me happy. I had a very pink 2014, and now feel like having a red 2015. 

Check. I’ve added a tomato red dress, bag and pair of trousers to my wardrobe. My new watermelon lace dress is tomato red-lite. 

#9 To add a pair of white specs and a new gold-coloured watch. These are not high-priority goals but fun to have on the list so that the pieces are on my radar. 

I’ve been on the lookout, but haven’t found anything. I did add a new pair of round Retro tortoise shell sunglasses to my style though. 

I’m in a very happy place with my evolving, softer style. My hair will have grown into the the right look in a couple of months, and I’m champing at the bit to inject Retro Futurism into my Fall and Winter outfits.

Over to you.