Style goals are important because they keep you focused in a world of fashion that is quite overwhelming. They are a useful frame of reference when you edit and review your closet, shop for new items, and create outfits. With a good set of style goals in place you’ll probably find your style journey becomes more effective and enjoyable. 

In helping my clients to set their goals, and in setting my own, I’ve noticed that there are two main approaches to the process. The first is an in-depth analysis, which takes time, some soul searching and discipline. You’ll explore the internal and external factors that affect your style, assess the difference between your current stye and the one you aspire to achieve, and analyze your current favourite outfits. I recommend this process to clients who feel lost with their current style, or are entering a new and different chapter in their lives. 

The second approach is faster because it’s more intuitive and incremental. It’s suited to those who already have a good handle on their style and like their current style direction. In this case you’ll quickly reflect on your 2014 style, highlighting the things you want to repeat, and those you don’t. 

Absolutely anything that relates to your style can go on the list. Style goals can be long or short, general or specific. And style goals should be flexible, so you should feel free to edit them at any time. 

I’m keeping my style goals short for 2015 because I’m in a particularly happy place with my current style. I attribute much of that happiness to doing a good job of establishing effective goals and using them in 2014. Simplifying those same goals and adding a few new ones is all that I need right now.  

Here they are:

  1. To wear Simple outfits that are Modern, Crisp, Dressy and Bold.
  2. To continue adding a refined and soft element to my style as I marry my favourite style personas, Modern Classic, Punk, Trendy Fashionista and Androgynous, into a cohesive look that is age appropriate and attractive. 
  3. To continue mixing high-end and low-end pieces in one outfit. 
  4. To continue experimenting with trouser and jeans styles in both solids and patterns throughout the year. 
  5. To continue experimenting with button-down shirts and knitwear styles because they never let me down. 
  6. To NOT purchase too many black wardrobe items because I only enjoy black in small doses.
  7. To NOT purchase solid grey wardrobe items because the colour does not make me happy. 
  8. To add more tomato red to my wardrobe because it does make me happy. I had a very pink 2014, and now feel like having a red 2015. 
  9. To add a pair of white specs and a new gold coloured watch. These are not high priority goals but fun to have on the list so that the pieces are on my radar. 

I’ll refer back to these goals repeatedly during the year. They will keep me on the straight and narrow as I refresh and gently evolve my style. 

Over to you. Have you thought about your style goals for 2015? If so, please share them in the comments section. If the process itself is too overwhelming, pick three top priority goals as a starting point and work from there. Remember to be patient with your style because there is an opportunity to find a stylish solution for every challenge.