My perspective hasn’t changed in the four years since I wrote “When to Stop Wearing a Bikini“: As long as you feel fabulous wearing one, don’t stop. There is no age or body type restriction on the item. 

Taking my own words to heart, I recently tried on my three bikinis before a trip to Arizona that would include a little poolside action. Surprisingly, at age 44 I felt better in them than I would have in my early twenties, which is more about confidence than anything else. My skin is not as tight and smooth as it was twenty years ago, but I’m definitely more accepting of my body today than I was back then.

I didn’t end up sporting a bikini in Arizona after all. Right before our trip, I bought Seafolly’s boy leg swimsuit in shocking pink (it was one of the suits in last week’s roundup). As with any other clothing item, variety is wonderful and I needed a change from my bikinis. I also find that I gravitate to one-pieces for more intimate poolside settings. Somehow the bikini feels more appropriate in the relative anonymity of a beach or resort.

What are your swimsuit plans for this Summer?