This ensemble was inspired by DVF’s Camden Floral Print Silk Top. Combining burnt orange and burgundy with white works really well. The subtle dark pink accents are an optional fun addition. 

Think about combining these colours in any way at all. Use tan, light grey or taupe as a neutral if you don’t fancy the white. Or add it as a second neutral along with the white. Shades of coral and peach can be substituted for the orange. Shades of berry and cranberry can be substituted for the burgundy. If you have a wardrobe item in a pattern that combines orange, burgundy and pink, so much the better.

Here are some casual and dressy renditions to get you started:

White Bottoms with an Orange and Burgundy Top

Combine white jeans or trousers (any style) with an orange and burgundy patterned top. Finish off the outfit with white, taupe, light grey or metallic footwear, and a handbag. Adding a belt in the same colour as the footwear is optional. Feel free to leave out the orange and simply wear a burgundy top with white bottoms. I’ve chosen an on trend ‘70s vibe for this rendition just for fun. 

Burgundy Jeans, Orange Top & Pink Bag

Combine burgundy bottoms with an orange pullover, tee, shirt or blouse. Or turn the formula upside down by wearing orange bottoms with a burgundy top. Finish off the look with taupe, tan or light grey footwear. Throw in a pink bag as the final touch. 

Cranberry Skirt with White Top & Orange Shoes 

Combine a cranberry or burgundy skirt with a white top, orange footwear and a taupe bag. If light neutral footwear is more your thing, wear that on your feet and throw in an orange bag. A bright cognac can become “your orange” if that’s more your cup of tea. Add jewellery, headgear, eyewear and watch as desired. 

A light tan, cream or taupe trench coat works well as a topper, as does a leather, pleather or linen jacket in those colours. I’ve deliberately kept black and denim out of the outfit, but they could work as alternative neutrals.

Ensemble: Burgundy, Orange & White