Wearing a soft and pretty palette is one way to introduce Spring into your style. Try combining light blue and lemon (a pale yellow) with cognac footwear. Faded denim works well as the light blue component of the outfit. If neither light blue nor lemon are your cup of tea as a clothing item, wear the colours in accessories like scarves and a bag. 

There are countless ways to wear the colour palette, both with solids and neutrals. Here are three renditions to get you started. I’ve used cognac footwear in all three cases. 

Faded Jeans & Lemon Top

This is the easiest outfit formula of the three. Combine a lemon pullover, blouse, shirt or tee with faded blue denim jeans. Finish off the look with cognac footwear and tan outerwear. The cognac belt is optional. I’ve added a light blue backpack for an extra pop of pastel, but a tan, ink, white or cognac bag works well too. I’ve also replaced faded denim with a soft railroad stripe for Team ‘80s. 

Denim Skirt, Lemon Scarf & Light Blue Bag

This is the option to sport if you like the idea of lemon and light blue, but do not want to commit to them in a clothing item. Combine a white top and denim pencil skirt with tall or short cognac boots. Finish off the look with a lemon and blue scarf, light blue bag, and tan outerwear. Ink outerwear is another way to go. 

Ink Pants, Light Blue Top & Lemon Topper 

This is a dressier rendition of the palette. Combine ink blue trousers with a light blue blouse, shirt or pullover, and top with a lemon blazer, cardigan, trapeze jacket or coat. For a little more fun, I combined a pinstripe shirt with pinstripe trousers. Add cognac loafers, pumps or booties, and ink or tan outerwear. Add a tan or cognac bag (and optional belt in the same shade of brown). Finish off the look with jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. I added a chunky pearl necklace to amp up the pretty because the combination can look a little masculine, especially when you’re wearing a men’s style shirt. 

Feel free to substitute cognac with taupe or tan, and the lemon with a brighter citron. Wear blue jeans instead of a denim skirt. And a subtle snakeskin bag in tan works well too, as does a false plain.

Ensemble: Lemon, Light Blue & Cognac