Burberry Prorsum opened up their Spring 2015 runway show with fitted denim jackets, which I thought was fabulous. Denim jackets are a modern classic and very versatile, especially when worn over skirts and dresses. Here are some of the looks from the show. 

Prorsum - 1Prorsum - 2Prorsum - 3

Fitted dark denim jackets worn with funky midi skirts, sneakers, satchels or crossbody bags is a wearable look with lots of room for substitution. I’ve shown three renditions, of which the one on the left is the closest to the runway outfits because it includes sneakers. The other two options are inspired by the original outfits, but more conventionally flattering and less edgy. Lets break it down into components.

Denim Jacket: This is the most important part of the outfit. You need a fitted denim jacket in dark or light wash that you can button all the way through so that it looks like a top and not a jacket. In the past when I’ve worn my denim jacket this way, I’ve left the bottom button unfastened to prevent the band of the jacket from digging into me when seated. Leave the sleeves down, so no rolling or scrunching. This is not the most comfortable way to wear a denim jacket, so it does help when the fabric has a little stretch. If you like, you can sew a little faux fur to the inside of a denim jacket to create the peplum effect of the runway looks.

Midi Skirt: The look is knee-covering, which means midi all the way. Choose a pencil, fluted or flared style. Basic pencil midi skirts are fine, but ones with ruching, insets, ruffles, flounces and asymmetrical hems are better because their romantic integrity creates a fun juxtaposition against the strict workwear vibe of the denim jacket. 

Footwear: Add sneakers for a funky and Sporty Luxe touch. They needn’t be lace-up trainers like the models are wearing if that’s too much. Think slip-on sneakers, Converse sneakers, or wedged high-tops. If sneakers aren’t your thing because they make you feel dumpy and flat-footed (or you don’t like the combination), opt for pointy toe flats with high or low vamps like loafers, d’Orsay flats or slipper flats. And if you insist on wearing a heel with the combination, opt for pumps, ankle strap pumps, peep-toe booties, or caged heeled sandals. 

Accessories: Finish off the outfit with a satchel or crossbody bag. Add hose for extra insulation. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired. 

I wish I could make slip-on sneakers work for my feet because that would be my preference for this outfit formula. Next up are dainty pointy toe flats, which I also need to get this season. The version with the heels and flared skirt is one I’ve worn before and enjoyed, but I’d like to give the more casual versions with flats a whirl.

I love buttoning up my fitted denim jackets and find them quite comfortable. I also know it makes some people feel like they are wearing a straightjacket.

Burberry Style Denim Jackets