This ensemble was inspired by our forum members who are having lots of fun wearing Eileen Fisher’s black skirted leggings. They are super comfy, arty, practical and a little different from other casual bottoms. They also remind me of skousers and skants from the ‘90s. 

Riller & Fount Max Leggings with Attached SkirtEileen Fisher Skirted Leggings

The ensemble falls flat if you don’t have a pair of skirted leggings, which are most versatile in black or dark grey. But do be creative by combining a thick pair of black leggings with a black pencil skirt. You’ll find that longer skirts worn over leggings look more flattering when the side seams are tapered at the hem. Shorter length skirts look fine less tapered. 

There are many ways to create outfits with skirted leggings. I’ve started the ball rolling with three casual renditions in an assortment of neutrals. In each case I’ve kept the footwear black to match the leggings to increase the vertical integrity of the outfit. 

Skirted Leggings, Plaid Shirt & Moto

The combination is that simple. Layer an untucked plaid shirt over skirted leggings and finish off the look with a black moto jacket and black footwear like loafers, oxfords, sneakers or boots. Choose a bright or tonal plaid, and a bag of your choice. You might like to add a scarf and headgear. 

Skirted Leggings & a Column of Colour

Create a column of colour by combining a black pullover or tee with black skirted leggings. Layer a chunky drapey cardigan, sweater jacket, or maxi cardigan over the top, keeping the front open so that the layers are visible. I’ve chosen a light neutral to prevent the outfit from looking too dark, but feel free to use a colour. Finish off the outfit with black footwear, like loafers, oxfords, sneakers or boots, and a bag of your choice. 

Skirted Leggings & a Denim Jacket

Combine skirted black or grey leggings with a neutral tee or pullover and top off with a denim jacket. I’ve chosen a grey pullover, but a white, grey or navy tee works equally well. Finish off the outfit with casual black footwear and a bag of your choice. You’ll be able to layer a coat over the entire lot for extra warmth if the jackets and cardigans aren’t too bulky. Add jewellery, headgear, watch and eyewear as desired. 

Skirted leggings are one way to break out from a daily jeans uniform. They are a super option for a stay-at-home or work-from-home setting. They also provide excellent coverage if you’re self-conscious about exposing the top part of your legs.

Skirted Leggings