We launched Finds just over 5 months ago and since then YLF members have been collecting up a storm. We have expanded support to more than 100 stores, and more than ten thousand unique products have been collected. We have added features that allow you to recommend finds, organize them using folders, and create collections of finds, like ensembles and capsules. 

Today we’re adding another feature and we call it “live prices”. Over the last couple of months I’ve been working on connecting the products you collect to retailer databases in order to provide updated pricing for all the items. To start with we are connected to six of the most popular retailers, Nordstrom, J.Crew, Zappos, Shopbop, Banana Republic and Anthropologie, and we will be adding more over time. The order that we connect retailers will be based on their popularity in your Finds collections.

You can see the live prices in action on the screen clipping of Angie’s finds below this paragraph. First, you can see that the Burberry Brit coat on the left is currently marked down because there is a yellow sale sticker on the item. Second, I was hovering over the Smythe jacket on the right when I made the clipping and you can see that the price is visible under the name of the item (if you are using a phone or tablet you can tap the info icon and the price will also be available in the pop-up.)

Live Prices Example

The Finds features are available to any YLF member. If you aren’t yet a member, you can sign up and start collecting within minutes. If you would like to read more about the Finds feature and how it works, here is a help page to get you started.

That’s it for now, but there’s more in the pipeline. Aside from adding support for more retailers, we will be enabling optional email updates so you can receive notifications when the prices drop on items in your wardrobe. 

Please let us know if you see anything strange with this new feature. Start a thread in the technical support forum category, or send me a private message.