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Collect your finds from retailer websites and from the items you see here on YLF. Attach items to a post to chat about them in the forum. See what everyone is collecting under ALL, and browse your own finds under ITEMS.

Angie's picks

Angie is our resident fashion stylist and she selects the top picks based on her firsthand experience with items while shopping for herself and for clients. Angie's picks have a tick (or checkmark) icon on the top left. See the latest picks below, or browse them all under ANGIE'S TOP PICKS.

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Click the information icon on the bottom left of an item to see all the info about it in one place. Who collected it, where it is mentioned in the forum, where it has been featured on the blog by Angie, and more details from the retailer.

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To collect your finds from the websites of retailers, just drag the "YLF Collect" bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and then click it when you are on the page of an item that you would like to collect.

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Collect items around YLF

Wherever you see a find on YLF, whether it is an item attached to a forum post, or one of Angie's top picks in the weekly roundup, you can collect it by clicking the heart icon on the top right of the item. Of course, you need to be a logged in member.

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