A wildcard is an item that is atypical to your style persona, but that speaks to you in some way. I suggest adding at least one wildcard to your seasonal wardrobe, just for fun. Sometimes your wildcards unexpectedly become wardrobe workhorses, steering you in a new style direction. That’s even more fun. 

I’d love to know about the wildcards that made it into your wardrobe for Spring and Summer 2014, and how they have worked for your style so far. I’ll go first. 

  1. Flared Love Story Jeans: I don’t have a boho aspect to my style, nor do I typically wear wide leg pants or jeans because I generally find them fussy and impractical for our climate. Yet, I fell in love with a pair of flared jeans. They instantly felt elegant with pointy toe pumps. I have especially enjoyed wearing these jeans out at night for a change of pace. They’ve become my “dressy jeans”, and filled a subtle wardrobe hole. 
  2. Big White Sneakers: Loving the Sporty Luxe Trend has been a huge surprise in itself because I’m dressy and very un-sporty. If you asked me last year whether I’d be sporting big white sneakers with jeans, long shorts and dresses, my answer would probably have been, “no way”. But we can never say never when if comes to fashion. I love my white sneakers, and sport them with tucked away laces, sans socks and in outfits where I would have previously worn Converse sneakers. They are a brilliantly comfortable substitute for the Chucks that no longer work for my fussy feet. 
  3. Upscale Backpack: This is my wildest card of all. Me, sporting a white upscale backpack, after saying that I would never do so again after having had my fill of backpacks in the ‘90s. I had to eat my words and thank my good mate Laurel for inspiring me with her own ultra refined and gorgeously made white backpack. It’s fun, super comfortable, pretty, modern and very 2014. This little darling has become a wardrobe workhorse, and is Greg’s favourite bag in my current collection.

I’ll add that I’ve enjoyed Spring and Summer shopping this year as much as I normally enjoy Fall shopping. This is also unusual.   

Over to you. Tell me about your wildcards for the season and how they’re working for you. Perhaps you have your eye on a wildcard, and by all means share that too.