Sometimes we’re instantly drawn to a particular look, silhouette, colour or trend, even though it’s out of character and not our typical style integrity. And sometimes we start off NOT liking a trend — even saying we will never wear it — but it ends up growing on us. I find these reactions to fashion fascinating because they’re often spontaneous and usually hard to explain. You embrace the change and move on to the next leg of your style journey.

I can think of a four fashion moments that caught me by surprise. 

Sporty Luxe

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I loved everything about this trend as soon as it surfaced, despite being dressy, polished and very un-sporty. Bomber jackets, tennis and cricket inspired knitwear, upscale trackpants, golf belts, basketball shorts, golf shoes, sneakers, upscale sweatshirts, fashionable backpacks, haute baseball caps, parachute fabric, perforated textures, raglan sleeves, rugby stripes, nylon, and anything equestrian. As long as there is a refined and crisp element to the outfit, I’m in. I guess it’s the luxe part of sporty that I am identifying with the most, as well as happy feet. 

Blush Pink

I used to think that blush was blah and insipid against my skin tone. After all, I’m a sour brights gal through and through. Then out of the blue at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a few years ago, I tried on a blush leather moto jacket and unexpectedly loved it. It’s still not my best colour, but is sufficiently flattering when I wear it with shades of white, black, citron, nude lipstick, or my green specs.

Now I think of blush pink as “one of my colours” and have been steadily adding to the capsule each season. 

Harem Pants

When the dreaded dropped crotch came onto the fashion scene six years ago, I did not like it. Then we went on holiday to Israel where I saw the look being sported with elegance and panache. WOW. The women of Tel Aviv rocked harem pants with slubby linen sweaters, flat strappy sandals, crossbody bags and eccentric jewellery like nobody’s business.

This completely changed my mind about the look, so much so that I bought a black pair in silk that year. I love harem pants and still wear mine with lots of affection.


I woke up one morning shortly after turning 40 and decided I liked gold better than silver. I still can’t completely explain the sudden change. I hadn’t worn gold for thirty years, and now it’s still my metal of choice four years later. Good thing though, because gold looks better on my skin tone than silver. 

One can truly never say never in fashion. New trends can change our minds in an instant, or grow on us over time. This is all part of the fun. Never a dull moment, and things are always evolving. 

Over to you. What are your most memorable style surprises?