I’ve posted about the ultra handy Tide-to-go pen before. It’s a great little pen that removes small stains on clothing very effectively. Simply scribble with the pen onto the stain, let it dry, and voila — no more stain. Tide-to-go comes in very handy when you’re wearing white jeans or tops and are worried about a little spillage of something during the day. The pen also removes the paw prints from any friendly pets you may encounter during the day. 

It’s not all that great at removing make-up that comes into contact with your clothes, but it will take the edge off the mark.

Keep a pen in your bag, in the car, at your desk in the office, or in your dressing room. Use it as needed instead of throwing the item straight into the laundry basket. You’ll definitely get a few more wears out of your white jeans with a Tide-to-go pen. And by all means travel with the pen to sort out the occasional mishap. It’s available at most drug stores.