Have you ever worn white jeans and stained them five minutes into your day? You are not alone. In my case it’s the adorable welcome of little wet Yorkie feet that often soils my cream trench, white pants and white shirts. You love the look but Murphy’s Law makes it unlikely that you will keep a white or light garment stain-free throughout the day.

I’ve resorted to carrying Tide-to-go in my handbag. It’s an on-the-go stain remover in the shape of a felt-tip pen. Rub the tip of the pen on the stain and it’s as good as gone half an hour later. It works well on most types of food and dirt stains, but not as well on ink and excessively greasy marks.

Tide-to-go has saved my outfit a number of times. Keep it in the car, an office drawer and take it along when you travel. It’s a nifty little trick at $3 a stick.